A supper club

hazelnut biscotti & lapsang souchong tea
local blueberries
chilled cucumber gazpacho
heirloom tomatoes
summer squash casserole
local lettuces


Little &


4 courses

12 guests

wine paired & vegetable centric meals



Local goodness.


Sarah Dunning has been cooking vegetable centric & Southern-esque dishes for over 10 years.


She's currently running the kitchen of the Little & Saturday supper club in Athens. When she's not making a mess in the kitchen, she's probably out buying more groceries.  

She believes in eating many salads, laughing, and doing more of what makes you happy. Her former restaurant, Gymnopedie, won the People's Choice Award at Taste of Athens and was voted an Athens Favorite in Flagpole magazine.


Sarah's culinary antics still occur around town on a rather frequent basis. There's a mailing list HERE.

Photos by Rinne Allen.                                                                                                                                                              Site by Sarah Dunning.